Christ Gospel Church
 Virginia Beach VA

Our Pastors


  Reverends Brett and Pamela Willever 


Reverends Brett and Pamela Willever have been members of Christ Gospel Church since they were introduced to the church as young children. Brett grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana, and Pamela in Buena Vista, Virginia. They were married in 1995 and lived in Indianapolis, Indiana until 2003. They served the Christ Gospel Church of Indianapolis as Associate Ministers, Youth Leaders, Sunday School Superintendents, and they were also involved in the Music Ministry.

In October 2003, they moved to Princeton, West Virginia. They successfully pastored the Christ Gospel Church there until January 2005. They moved to Jeffersonville, Indiana in 2005, and served in various capacities, including the responsibility of being Superintendents of the Sunday School Department, served as Lieutenant Deacons, Teachers and assisted as sound technicians.  In 2011, their next move was to Attica, Indiana where they served as pastors to the Attica Christ Gospel Church until May, 2015.

The Willevers have been married for over 23 years. They have three children, who have been or are actively involved in church ministries.  Reverends Willever have always believed that their children also serve in the ministry and have involved them with decision making in wherever God wished for them to serve.  They are looking forward to having grandchildren one day.

Outside of helping her husband Co-Pastor, Reverend Pamela Willever graduated from National Business College with an Associate‚Äôs Degree in Business Management and is currently pursuing a Pschology Degree at Liberty University. Sis. Willever has led various youth programs, including Royal Regiments, Sunday School, Bible Quiz, and Youth Church. Both have graduated from the Christ Gospel Bible Institute.

Reverends Willever are now in their fourth year at Christ Gospel Church, Virginia Beach, Virginia.  They have preached and/or taught at Revivals, Youth Conventions, Young Adult Retreats, and various Mens/Womens Classes.  Their willingness to serve in any capacity, that the LORD wishes them to serve, comes from their commitment to Jesus Christ and service to this Message.